Hung Le Weston Eatery



With over fifteen years of professional experience serving as a Chef and working at some of Sydney's finest restaurants including Ottos and Bistro Ortolan. Hung has undoubtedly gained an abundance of skill and expertise under his apron. With Hung's passion and knowledge brimming to boiling point, starting his own business was his true calling and a much-deserved progression that he strives for. The lust for running things 'his' way is no longer a want - it is now a must.

"The past fifteen years of my working career have been great. Although I love my work and have been thankful for the extraordinary success I have achieved to date, the yearn to own my own restaurant was never fulfilled... until now."

Having grown up in western Sydney, Hung's passion for the local community lies deep in his roots. By opening his own restaurant in his home-town, it gives him the opportunity to pay-it-forward by giving back to the community that has taught him so much about the quintessential qualities of food and life.

It's Hung's world. It's time for Hung to give all foodie's a new and wonderful, vibrant destination to talk about. It is, The Weston Eatery.